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Congratulations to the 2023 Graduates!

2023 Graduating Class

We are pleased to share that this Spring, the UIC Center of Excellence will have sixteen graduates from our MPH program and two from our PhD program! They include:

  • Margaret Agwomoh (MPH MCH)
  • Sajia Aziz (MPH MCH)
  • William Barshop (MPH MCH)
  • Lisa Cheung (MPH MCH)
  • Sara Cook (MPH MCH)
  • Princy Daniel (MPH MCH)
  • Khaliun Dashdeleg (MPH MCH)
  • Ainna Flaminia (MPH MCH)
  • Divya Francis (MPH MCH)
  • Candice Gary (MPH MCH)
  • Julia Howland (PhD MCHEPI)
  • Kristen Lawrence (MPH MCH)
  • Kiela Moreno (MPH MCH)
  • Syeda Naqvi (PhD MCHEPI)
  • Lisset Perez Carapia (MPH MCH)
  • Hailey Steele (MPH MCH)
  • Abigail Suleman (MPH MCHEPI)
  • Liah Watt (MPH MCH)

As you start your next journey, our MCH faculty and staff would like share a congratulations with all that you have accomplished during your time at the UIC School of Public Health.

Dr. Arden Handler

As a result of all that has occurred in the last three years and more, you are graduating at a time in which public health, although historically always in the shadow of medicine, has never been more visible or more relevant.  You are graduating with the certainty that the profession you have chosen is more important than ever — the efforts of public health professionals are on full display for all of the public to see, likely to be valued going forward with a new appreciation and reverence.  All of those skills in surveillance, assessment, epidemiology, statistical modeling, and community engagement that may not have seemed that relevant a few months ago are the skills that are needed to address the many challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the maternal health crisis, the gun violence epidemic, and by the recognition of the fact that it is structural inequities including racism, sexism, heterosexism and ableism that cause ill health.  Know that you graduate fully prepared to enter the MCH public health workforce, overcome the challenges that may await you, and make a difference in ending inequities in health status and succeed in the fight for racial, social, and economic justice.

All of us in the Center of Excellence in MCH wish you well as you go forth.   Please let us know the great experiences you are having and the opportunities you are pursuing (and always remember to respond to our requests for updates!!).  Know you can always count on your friends, teachers, and colleagues from the Center of Excellence and the UIC School of Public Health to help you as you traverse your public health career. Think of us not only as your colleagues but also as your collaborators. And never be afraid to reach for your dreams and always be sure to let your passions guide you.

Congratulations to the amazing MCH graduates of 2023 as well as to your families, partners, and friends!! Wishing you all the best and more!!   This is clearly your TIME!!

Dr. Ellen Mason

To all our MCH graduates, my deepest congratulations! I am so proud of all of you and feel fortunate to have been a small part of your journey towards brilliant public health futures!

Dan Weiss

Congratulations MCH Class of 2023! It was an honor being your CHSC 512 teacher. You are all such a passionate and dynamic group of individuals – the public health workforce is so lucky to have you all joining it! I’m excited to see all the great things you’ll do on your professional journeys!

Nikki Gottleib

Congratulations MCH graduates! It has been so wonderful getting to know you throughout this last year, and seeing all the amazing things you each are doing. I’m so impressed with your passion and dedication toward public health, maternal and child health, and social justice, and I know that you have left a mark on UIC and SPH from your time here. I wish you all the best in your next endeavors and I can’t wait to learn more from you as we stay in touch now that you are alumni! You aren’t getting rid of me yet. 😊 Congratulations and happy celebrating!

Gabby Masini

Congratulations Class of 2023! You have overcome so much at your time here at SPH and I am thrilled to have seen all your successes and wins through the years. Each of you are so passionate about serving the MCH populations and I am so excited to see where your career journey takes you. Best wishes on your next steps and please do not be a stranger!

From all of us at the UIC Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health, a heartfelt congratulations! We are so excited to see what wonderful things are in store for you all! Please keep in touch with our team!